As we gear up for the Attack on Titan English Dub Premiere at Anime Boston next week, we’re rolling out our colossal cast list, one day at a time!  So, take a look below at the second batch!

Character - Actor

Jean - Mike McFarland
- Ashly Burch
- Clifford Chapin
- Jamie Marchi
- Tia Ballard
- Keith Kubal
- Bryn Apprill
- Elizabeth Maxwell

Here’s the first batch in case you missed it:

Character - Actor

Keith - Patrick Seitz
Moses - Jeff Johnson
Erwin - J. Michael Tatum
Marco - Austin Tindle
Carla - Jessica Cavanagh
Grisha - Chris Hury
Hannes - David Wald

Now, our subscribers already know this information because they got it early! Plus, they got an early look at the dub. If you are a subscriber, you can watch the video here.

Not a subscriber yet? Sign-up today for your FREE trial here.

Come back tomorrow as we announce more of the cast!

Fans can now order the Collector’s Edition of Attack on Titan, available exclusively in our FUNimation Shop. This edition will include the following:

- 4-pin collection (Military Police Regiment, Scout Regiment, Garrison Regiment, and Cadet Corps)
- A replica of Eren’s key necklace
- A sword necklace featuring the Titan flesh paring blades
- a 3D lenticular art card
- a 24 page digibook titled “Notes From Beyond the Wall: Part 1”
- plus 104 minutes of on-disc extras

A Limited Edition of Attack on Titan is also available to order in our Shop, and through other retailers. This edition includes:

- 3D lenticular art card
- a 24 page digibook titled “Notes from Beyond the Wall: Part 1”
- plus 104 minutes of on-disc extras

Both of these editions are in addition to our standard release. Check ‘em all out here!

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    One of my favorite people playing one of my favorite characters! Congratulations Ashly Burch! Also everyone else!
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