Some Very Important Information about our OniAi Release

Retailers have begun listing our December titles, and you may have noticed something that is a bit out of the ordinary for FUNimation. OniAi: The Complete Series will be available on BD/DVD Combo in December, and it will be our first ever subtitle-only release.

Now, we’ve seen some comments on the Twitterverse and on Facebook, and we want to take the time to address a few of your concerns:

"Why are you releasing this title as subtitle-only?"
We are trying out a sub-only release because it will inform us as to whether it is a viable option for titles in the future that would otherwise not get released at all. In other words, we’re looking into ADDING more releases, which is a good thing!

"Does this mean that you’re going to stop doing dubs?!"
No, we are NOT switching to a sub-only business model. Don’t worry, you’ll still get English dubs on the majority of our titles.

"Will my favorite show be released as subtitle-only? How do I make sure that it gets an English dub?"
The best way to ensure that your show gets an English dub is to support legal simulcasts and streams. We use streaming performance as one of several indicators to determine sales potential for a title. So, be sure to watch on official sites like and Hulu.

In addition, we want to make sure that our sub-only titles are treated right; so we have lowered the SRP, but included both DVD and Blu-ray in the release. They’ll also be housed in a sturdy chipboard box.

Now, here’s a little more information about OniAi! The Complete Series contains all 12 episodes, plus the 6 bonus OVAs. It will also come with reversible wraps so you can put your favorite girl on the cover! Please click this link to pre-order your copy today!

Series synopsis: Feast your eyes on host of desirable darlings in this sassy comedic romp from the dirty little minds that brought you Baka and Test and Hayate the Combat Butler!

When adorable teenager, Akiko, is reunited with her big brother, Akito, she’s determined to take her sisterly affection to the next level! But her BroCon fantasies are dealt a cruel blow by the arrival of three colorful rivals. There’s a blonde heiress with a fetish for plushies, a boyish beauty who yearns to serve, and a ravishing redhead who’ll stop at nothing to get her man! Every coy ploy Akiko dreams up is deviously derailed by robes that just happen to fall open, the flashing of come hither eyes, or scandalous splashing in the community bath! While Akiko has her hands full staying a step ahead of the competition, poor conflicted Akito can’t help but think: my little sister can’t be this…crazy!?

So, what do you think? Are subtitle-only releases something you’d like to see more of in the future?

  1. lamonogatari answered: Tatami Galaxy!!!
  2. sharoontheraccoontyphoon reblogged this from funimation and added:
    I had no interest in this show to begin with, but Funimation I have always liked that I can depend on you for always...
  3. animelly answered: A sub-only physical release is not something I would actually buy.
  4. onlysmellz answered: Will we see a rainbow release in this manner pelase?!?!
  5. ninjachad answered: Yesss! I’m totally fine with this. Please do this with Case Closed?
  6. lala-larein answered: The only way I can share shows with my family is if they’re dubbed. I want Nichijou here, but no dub means I’ll be watching it by myself. ;_;
  7. swordxtonfa answered: I think this is great and yes to more.
  8. novaprime1583 answered: I will not buy this or any future subtitle only releases. I like watching the English dubs.
  9. 10yearbazooka answered: I never watch dubs so I’m fine with sub only releases.
  10. darkpaladinx answered: As long as you consider rereleases with dubs due to good sales, I’m fine with that.
  11. todayisgrey answered: I almost never watch the English dub, so I am all for sub only releases! Especially if it means more titles get released!
  12. michaelerazo answered: subtitle releases are okay with as long as they don’t go overboard. Also I’d prefer harems dubbed as I turn off my brain for these.
  13. karna-kokuenra answered: To be honest, I’m not really one for owning subtitles shows, but if it can’t be helped it can’t be helped.
  14. jtrocks9 reblogged this from funimation and added:
    This could prove to either be extremely confusing or incredibly misleading for those who didn’t know.
  15. hipsterwhiskers answered: I actually find this to be a great idea! I often revert to Japanese voice acting anyway.
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  17. lolipaloliza reblogged this from funimation and added:
    Well that answers most of my questions. So it’s more of a sub-only experiment rather than some influence by dub haters...
  18. mrhagarenviper reblogged this from funimation and added:
    There’s very few sub-only releases I’d be interested in [‘Nichijou’ and ‘Polar Bear Cafe’, which I’d love a dub on...
  19. gunmetalsnail429 answered: Will OniAI receive an English dub if it sells well?
  20. myhusbandoabest-deactivated answered: Subtitle only releases would be nice. Esp for more niche titles.
  21. footprints1nthesnow answered: I’m in favor of sub-only releases because it will allow for more niche shows to be released (Tatami Galaxy??). I still love Funi’s releases.
  22. carelessmugi answered: Good for you, FUNimation.
  23. shirobane reblogged this from funimation
  24. tondog answered: I’m definitely okay with this if it means we can finally get Tatami Galaxy and other niche titles on Blu-ray!
  25. zattk94 answered: Bad FUNi! Bad! I’m ok with it for Crunchyroll and if the series aren’t out here yet but sometimes I don’t want to read. So no get it together
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