English Cast Announcement for Good Luck Girl!


We’ve got a fun English Cast Announcement today for you! Previously simulcasted under its Japanese name “Binbogami-ga!,” Good Luck Girl! tells the story of a young lady who gets lucky a lot. No, not in that way, in the literal sense. Ichiko is rich, beautiful, smart, stacked, and better than you at everything, and Momiji—a poverty god with a freakishly huge syringe—is out to take Ichiko’s extra good fortune!

Ichiko Sakura has led a charmed life—so much so that it affects the lives of those around her. Momiji, a poverty god, is dispatched from the heavens to relieve Ichiko of her abundant good fortune, and help balance the scales of happiness in the world.

Here are your English cast and crew for Good Luck Girl!


ICHIKO - Brina Palencia
MOMIJI - Colleen Clinkenbeard
RANMARU - Martha Harms
BOBBY - Patrick Seitz
TSUWABUKI - Clifford Chapin
MOMO’O - Todd Haberkorn
NADESHIKO - Michelle Lee
TAMA - Becca Shivers
HASEGAWA - Chris Burnett
ATSUSHI - Felecia Angelle
NEZU - Caitlin Glass
NAKAMURA - Barrett Nash
AI - Marie Charlson
AKANE - Michelle Rojas
MAI - Lindsay Seidel
RYUTA - Ryan Reynolds
SAWAJIRI - Brittany Kramer
YAMADA - Ben Charlson
GENJURO - Duncan Brannan
SORATA - Lindsay Seidel
MIURA - Paul Giovanni Ramirez
GORIHARA Chris Rager
ISHIDA - Matt Thurston
KATABAMI - Scott Freeman
WATANABE - Kyle Phillips
YAMADA - Ben Charlson
UTSUMI - Jerry Jewell
YUSUKE - Terri Doty

ADR Director - Joel McDonald
ADR Engineer - Alyssa Galindo
Head Writer - John Burgmeier

The series will be available on BD/DVD Combo on November 19th. You can place your pre-orders now!


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    So I used to go to high school with Clifford Chapin and I’m super stoked to hear his voicework in this series!!!
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    I feel so proud of myself when I can identify the actors by their actual names and not by another character they voice
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    patrick is playing the black guy AGAIN
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