Masahiko Minami, President of BONES INC., is a guest of honor at Japan Expo this weekend! He’ll be holding a panel on Sunday morning (August 25th) at 10:00 am at Hall Stage to talk about Eureka Seven AO and Cowboy Bebop. Minami-san was kind enough to give us some lovely Eureka Seven AO prizes during our panel at Otakon, and since Part One of Eureka Seven AO just released last week, we’re going to give you all a chance to win them!

It appears that in Eureka Seven AO, there are some themes when it comes to naming conventions. For example, each tier, or group, of names seems to come from a common reference source. The Generation Bleu ships are named after Greek gods and heroes, and the Generation Bleu teams are named after children’s fairy tales (i.e. Team Pied Piper, Team Goldilocks, etc).

So, now for the contest! There are two ways you can win these awesome prizes:

1) Tweet @FUNimation and @JapanExpoUSA using the hashtag #EurekaSevenAO and tell us "If you got recruited by Generation Bleu to start your own team, what would you name it?" Be sure you include this url:

2) Or, go to our Google+ page and find the question "If you got recruited by Generation Bleu to start your own team, what would you name it?" and reply with your answer in the comments of the post.

We will pick 7 random winners (4 from Google+ and 3 from Twitter) to win either a T-shirt or wallet (it’s one or the other, not both). For complete contest rules, please click this link.

Eureka Seven AO Part One is available now on BD/DVD Combo! Part Two will be available on 10.15.13. Click here to order!

series synopsis:

The electrifying successor to the mecha epic Eureka Seven propels you through intense, eye-popping action in the sky, sea, and space once battle at a time.

The year is 2025. Earth is engulfed in the crossfire between massive warring alien life forms that leave annihilation in their wake. While searching for clues about his past, Ao is caught in an attack and forced to fly a giant humanoid fighter craft to save himself and his island. Fragments of the teenager s origin come to light when a hostile shape-shifter seeking revenge on Ao s missing mother who vanished two years after his birth targets him instead. Consumed with learning how his machine of war is connected to his mother and the monster that now pursues him, the young pilot will fly full throttle into combat zones without hesitation.

Gayle B.
Franco C.

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